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"Graduate" Award Criteria 

Purpose of the Award

The Graduate Award is designed for aspiring individuals from Great Britain or Texas, USA that are intent on furthering their education in their chosen field. It is hoped that we can align education with some practical experience by offering an internship with one of our member organizations, giving a real world start and opportunity for successful applicants.

General Description of the Award

This is an international opportunity for students to study overseas at one of our partner colleges or universities. Scholarships will be applied toward tuition costs only and paid directly to the chosen education establishment.  Graduate scholarships are available for studying at Texas Universities.

Scholarship Requirements

A resident of Texas.
      (proof of residency required, SSN number, Citizen status.)

Enrolled in full time education within the Texas education system. 

Aged between 21 and above.

Consideration partially based on dependable and independent annual household income,

     FAFSA Report and Statement of Hardship Budget provided. 

For U.S. applicants: Hold an undergraduate degree with a GPA of 3.5 or above
      For U.K. applicants: Hold an undergraduate degree of an upper 2:1 (65+)

Provide a completed Application Form along with attachments requested. 

 Be able to attend an Awards Dinner to receive scholarship.  (Usually May of the Award year.)

Applicants applying from the UK must be a permanent resident of the UK;
      Documentation required (proof of residency required)

     Scholarships are awarded for Tuition Only No Stipends 

      For more information please contact - 713-587-9900