"Thank you so much for selecting me as a recipient of the exchange program.  I am more than honored and thankful to be representing my school and country in learning and exchanging lifelong experiences with other students abroad." Blessing

Ann Wu, University of Texas to Bristol University



"Just to let BAFTX know how much I appreciated the award ceremony held last week for us. It was fun and the food was great. I took a lot of things back home from the guest speakers and sponsors; they were truely people that I admire. I also appreciate my sponsor, HESS, for the scholarship."

Nishita Soneji, University of Texas



I am very honored to be the recipient of this award and enjoyed the chance to meet people in the banquet.  Recieving this scholarship motivates me to maintain my GPA and complete my degree.  I look forward to being able to give back to the community.  I thank you for your confidence and willingness to help me achieve goals. 

Joo Schmidt, Houston Baptist University

We are deeply appreciative of the generosity of the British American Foundation of Texas and the brighter future you are providing for our students. 

Kelly Zungia, Ed.D., CFRE Hosuton Community College

Some how I hope you understand what your contribution to my education has meant to not only me, but my family.  Your support of my education is an incredible gift for which we are forever grateful.

Whitney Petty, Graduate Scholarship Baylor University

Sponsors like you make the difference every day in the lives of our students, faculty and staff and aid in our efforts to serve the Houston Community and beyond. 

Eli Cipriano, Associate VP for University Advancement, University of Houston

Much has been said about the UK-USA 'special relationship'.  The focus is usually on the top of Government - the personal and political relationship. But UK-USA links go much deeper than just the President and the Prime Minister. We are the largest investors in each others' countries and are major trading partners. The US and the UK rank one and two in the world for Nobel prizes in science and medicine, so naturally enjoy wide-spread research collaboration. And there is a network of educational, sporting, cultural and personal links that bind the two nations together. BAFTx supports all of this, building bridges for the next generation, and in particular targeting communities in Texas that might not otherwise be a part of the 'special relationship'.

HM Consul General Paul Lynch


I want to take a moment to personally thank you once again for all of your support. Attending the BAFTX gala was an amazing experience for my parents and I, one that allowed us to more comprehensively understand what you and the team of directors do independently and collectively to make a difference in the community. As a beneficiary, I grealy appreciate the investment in my education and in me as an individual. I offer you my heartfelt appreciation and my commitment to continue in my educational goals so that one day I too can financially support the next generation of students who receive from you a new opportunity to succeed. 

Best Regards, Yarid Hassad Puentes, RBS The Royal Bank of Scotland Reciprocal Scholarship

This scholarship has been an array of benefits. Through this scholarship I have experienced things that are extremely educational and useful for my life ahead. I've learned about different cultures and customs which have heavily influenced my perspective of the world. Through this experience I made wonderful friends as well. I feel like I have improved my communication skills. The things I have seen will help me with future subjects at school whether it's regarding art or history. This whole experience has broadened my ability to assimilate to different countries and cultures, which will aid me in my future endeavors.

Best Regards, Brenda Serpas, Lee High School - Jr Achiever 


"Thank you for the British American Foundation of Texas scholarships to support five University of Houston students, including two geoscience students from the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Scieces.  This support is critical to our ability to attract the best students and give them the tools they need to succeed in their education and beyond."

John L. Bear, Daan University of Houston

"You have made a generous investment in the lives of students and we are touched by your belief in our vision.  On behalf fo the faculty, students and staff, we thank you for the British American Foundation of Texas scholarships to the Petroleum Engineering students.  We are excited about the programs and goals that are supported by this fund and are happy that you are excited too."

Russell T Dunlavy, M.S. Director of Development Cullen College of Engineering



"I cannot express how grateful and thankful I am to be a scholarship recipient.  These funds will allow me, for the first time in my college career, to focus entirely on my schooling without the constant worry of working to pay for it while juggling a full time job and a difficult course load.

Elysse Greenberg, Undergraduate Scholarship winner 2008 - University of Houston

"Thank you all for giving me this chance to enjoy this magnificent experience!  This opportunity may never again come for me in this lifetime. I am now more social, responsible, and have developed leadership skills, of which I never dreamed possible.  I now have a yearning to meet new people, try new things, and dream new ideas.  The people I have met on this trip, from all over the world, have become pen pals, longlife friends and even relationship conselors.  Not only has this been a meaningful trip, but it has been a priveledge and an honor!  I am now set apart from the average female college applicant, I now have something on my resume which shows my seeking of knowledge and my love of history and politics.  With deepest thanks, "

Jazsmin Douglas, Jr Achiever Scholarship winner 2008 - Westside High School

Kids with Courage Pledge 2008

Camp John Marc Pledge Award 2008 - "This gift will offer many children with cronic illness or major physical disability the opportunity to experience Camp John Marc this summer."

Vance C. Gilmore, CCD Executive Director - Camp John Marc

"I just wanted to say that the award ceremony was wonderful.  BAFTX put on a lovely event.  I enjoyed meeting so many great supporters and members of BAFTX.  I also wanted to express my gratitude for being chosen as a recipient for the scholarship.  Thanks again and I wish BAFTX all the best luck in the future.  I will definitely tell as many people as possible about the wonderful opportunities that BAFTX offers." 

Kalla Pearson, RBS The Royal Bank of Scotland Reciprocal Scholarship - University of Texas to Bath University England


"This experience was more than I ever could have imagined and more than I ever would have dreamt. My trip to London has defined my growth and expansion as a student and a young adult. I can honestly say this was the most wonderful experience I could have attained."

J. Hoskins Jr Achiever Scholarship winner 2007

"The trip to the UK has given me a better understanding of Britain's culture and history.  I loved the day trips to new places - they were fun as well as educational.  We saw amazing buildings and the scenery was so beautiful, I wish I could have watched it all day!  While on this trip I made some great friends.  I will never forget the time I spent in London."

L. Johnson Jr Achiever Scholarship winner 2007 

Thank you for allowing me the pleasure to visit the United Kingdom.  I feel I learned an abundance of information about the British culture and got a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.  This experience definitely changed my life by giving me a glance to what I might want to become in the future."

R. Resendiz Jr Achiever Scholarship winner 2008

I feel quite strongly that education is the foundation for our future, a rite of passage for all children and young adults.  It therefore gives me a great deal of delight and pride in the knowledge that RBS The Royal Bank of Scotland share the same passion and have become a committed partner of BABC in the firm establishment of the British American Foundation of Texas, BAFTx, 501(c)(3) supporting the community both sides of the Atlantic, in both the United Kingdom and the United States uniting our countries in yet another common bond.

The plight of young adults striving to improve their grades whilst, in some instances, maintaining employment to finance their studies, is all too common.  Baftx now helps to ease this situation encouraging courses of study.

Kevin Howard, Managing Director, RBS The Royal Bank of Scotland and Chairman of the BABC Houston

2007 has proven to be a "sterling" year in many, many ways.  Not only is it the silver anniversary of BABC in Houston - 25 years, but we have completed the creation of the British American Foundation of Texas.  Through the support of you and your companies, we will take this organization further into the future.  Not only will we and our companies benefit from being members, but many bright, eager, willing and able students who will be the recipients of educational scholarships and programs.

Tim Horner Senior Vice-President Faithful+Gould, and President BABC 

Encourgaing trade ties between nations is a great way not only to increase prosperity but also to increase ties between people,  I would lke to congratulate BABC Houston, as a founding member of the BABC, on all your work over the last 25 years to encourage personal and business ties between the United States and the United Kingdom.

BABC Houston also does some great work within local communities.  Ensuring that the funds raised by the Gala will benefit the British American Foundation of Texas, and its work in extending opportunities for young people, is an example of that.

David Cameron, Leader of the Conservative Party

BAFTX and ACS International Schools British Studies Scholarship recipients, 2007


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