Frequently asked questions


My teacher prefers to keep my recommendation letter confidential - how can they submit it to BAFTX?

Please ask your teacher to email their letter of recommendation to and we will attach it to your application.

I need a passport style photo for my application but don’t have a passport …. what can i do?

Remember that we need a passport style photo ie a headshot. No need for photos of your passport. Please just take a photo with a phone and upload it to your application.

I’m not a US citizen and don’t have a FAFSA

Please upload your TAFSA instead.


I want to apply for the junior achiever scholarship but i don’t have a passport - should I apply for one now?

You should wait until you hear whether or not your application has been successful. Remember that BAFTX can assist you with passport fees if required.

I’m a high school senior -can I apply for the Junior achiever program?

Sorry, but this program is exclusively for High School Juniors.

Timelines and SUBMISSIONS

when will I hear about my application?

You should hear by email 3 weeks after the deadline.

I can’t make the deadline, can I have an extension?

Our applications are open for at least 4 and in some cases 6 months. We do not grant extensions to our deadlines for any reason.

Can I submit my application by mail?

Sorry but all applications must be submitted online via our application form.

For any other questions, please email