Our donors are the lifeblood of our organization....

Our donors' support and understanding of our work, the trust they place in us to ensure that the brightest and most deserving students benefit from their donations, is vital to our work. 

We, and our students, are infinitely grateful for all the donations and support over the years.  Each year, event sponsors and major donors are invited to our Awards Ceremony, where they may meet our students and their families, hear about the impact their donation has and look forward to our students' future achievements. The photographs from our Awards Ceremony are included in our annual brochure.

If you would like to support BAFTX, either as a corporation or an individual, please contact us.

This award means I am able to further my future and have an educated base of support to give back to my community. While this award relieves some of the monetary burden, this award is an investment in my future, an investment in your future, an investment in the world

Our corporate sponsors: